Chroma2Four | Chromatophore

Chromatophores are cells found in many animals like squid that can change their shape and color. Used for transformation and communication.

Chroma2four is a collaboration of  experienced design companies with a shared mission to transform the way we experience art by bring immersive art to new england.

Our future venue will create an economic engine to drive the local creative and technology community.

Partner with us

We are actively building a network of partnerships with educational, technology and arts institutions as well professional media and immersive design companies.

Some of our partners and supporters include:

The Roux Institute  | Maine College of Art & Design  | Engine FAB/LAB
Big Room Studios | Infusion Studios | Standard Magic
Creative Portland | Headlight AV | Panasonic (tech partner)

We are seeking partners with interests in investment opportunities and with potential venue locations.
If you are interested in more information contact us below.