Have you seen them? Strange pieces of art have begun to appear all over East Bayside in Portland Maine.

Can you discover all 12 artifacts? Why are they here and are they part of something bigger?

Artifacts can be found at local businesses & art galleries throughout the East Bayside neighborhood. They are not hiding and can be found in plain view. If you discover one scan it’s QR code to reveal that encounter.

When you have all 12 fill out our scavenger hunt form to be entered into our contest.

The first 25 completed entries will win a complimentary general admission ticket to Encounters. *Tickets cannot be used for Special performances.

Other completed entries will receive a mystery prize when attending encounters, while supplies last.

While searching for the artifacts please be respectful of the art, property, and others and have fun.

Here are some hints to get you started

Encounter 1 – A sweet location for an encounter.

Encounter 2 – Can nothing be a clue if you count it?

Encounter 3 –  An art gallery and street share the same name.

Encounter 4 – City farmers have had close encounters before.

Encounter 5 –  Art in blue and flowers are neighbors here.

Encounter 6 – John Cusack might help you find this location.

Encounter 7 – Frankenstein’s monster would say there is no such thing.

Encounter 8 – A portal in a cup of happy mornings can be found here.

Encounter 9 – One tree stands alone.

Encounter 10 – A rare crustacean hosts a reflection of other worlds.

Encounter 11 –  Strange beings appreciate the spirits of this craft.

Encounter 12 – A lone star hangs on a street from a city in the lone star state.

Special thanks to our Community Partners