Event Parking

Encounters is located at 170 Anderson street in Portland. Our location has limited parking. 

During daytime hours please do not park in the Cyclemania Parking lot it is for customers only.

Street side parking can be found along these streets:
Anderson, Fox, Cove St., Diamond st. Hammond and Everett st.

Parking can also be found off Marginal Way in the Park and Ride Lot.

You may park in a local business parking lot if you are patronizing their business.

Please be respectful of the neighborhood residences and businesses.

Parking map

Encounter Guide and Rules of Conduct

The simple version:

Encounters was created to be enjoyed. While at encounters behave respectfully to other guests and staff and the property of the exhibit. Treat others as you would like to be treated and have fun.
And the important details….

Prohibited items:

Guests and their property are subject to search upon entry to Encounters.

For the safety of staff and our guests the following items are not allowed inside the building:

Large bags, purses and backpacks are not allowed in our venue. Bulky or long coats are also not allowed inside the venue.

We do not have a coat / bag check so please leave all large bags, coats secured in your vehicle outside the venue.

No weapons of any kind are allowed in this includes:

  • Firearms of any kind, including concealed carry
  • Pocket knives or concealed knives of any kind
  • Pepper spray or any other chemical or natural irritant
  • Key chain spikes or knuckles
  • Any other items that could be turned into or used as a weapon determined by securities discretion.

Smoking and Vaping is not allowed inside the premises.

Flasks and containers with the exception of clear water bottles are not allowed inside.

Markers, stickers or paint or stains of any kind are not permitted inside the venue.

Gum must be disposed of properly.

No skateboards, scooters or Heely shoes are allowed in the venue.

Animals are not permitted in the venue that are not service animals.

Any items that endanger public safety as determined by our staff or security are subject to removal from the venue.

Food and beverages from outside the venue are not allow inside the building.

Rules of conduct:

Be kind and respectful of others and their property while enjoying the Encounters experience. Treat the art with respect and interact with it gently.

Guests not complying with the following may be denied entry or ejected from Encounters in it’s sole discretion.

If you attempt to bring illegal drugs into the venue.
If you are smoking or vaping inside the venue.
If you are considered to be intoxicated and a safety risk.
If you are using abusive or hurtful language or offensive gestures with staff or other guests.
If you make others uncomfortable with inappropriate sexual language or physical contact.
If you damage, deface or steal Encounters property
If you engage in violence of any kind, roughhousing or throw objects.

Encounters is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

An adult must accompany any minor under the age of 16.

Encounters reserves the right to refuse entry or to eject anyone from the venue for any reason.

Encounters COVID19 policies

Encounters is an indoor experience with possible large gatherings of people in close proximity. Be advised that exposure to COVID 19 is still very much possible. A COVID 19 infection still presents the real risk of severe complications to your health or death. Please take appropriate precautions as you see fit to protect yourself from COVID 19.

Masks are not required of guests at Encounters, but masks will be provided to guests when requested.

Anyone with a COVID19 infection is not allowed inside the venue. Anyone exposed to COVID or living in a household with someone with COVID is not allowed inside the venue.
If you are not feeling well or have a fever please stay home, rest and recuperate. Take care of yourself and help protect others.

By entering Encounters, you understand the risks of contracting COVID19. Encounters cannot prevent Guest’s exposure to, or the increased possibility of contracting or spreading, COVID-19 while experiencing Encounters and attending its premises.

ASSUMPTION OF RISKS. Notwithstanding the inherent risks and dangers in experiencing Encounters , Guest knowingly and voluntarily agrees to assume any and all risks connected with the Encounters experience, both known and unknown, including all risks of exposure to, contracting or spreading COVID-19, and Guest assumes full responsibility for his or her voluntary participation in the Encounters experience.