About Us

Chroma2Four is an association of companies with deep experience in the production of immersive and interactive art. We have worked collectively in museum and exhibition design as well as in broadcast media and content production. Our vision is to bring an immersive arts venue to Maine and New England audiences, and, through this venue, to create a sustainable economic engine for the local creative economy. 

Chroma2Four founders

Sputnik Animation demo reel

Sputnik Animation

Interactive Design | Animation

Sputnik is an Emmy award winning interactive design and animation studio with experience in broadcast production as well as museum and interactive venue content design.  

Over the past 25 years in the industry we have worked on on projects for; MIT, WGBH NOVA, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, Boston Museum of Science, The Smithsonian, Maine Mineral and Gem Museum and the Maine Children's Museum. 

Sputnik Animation demo reel


Architectural sculpture | Venue Design

For over 35 years Transformit has created truly unique and engaging spaces, immersive environments, for museums and public venues.  With award winning architectural fabric sculptures and designs, Transformit's work has been featured in installations and exhibits for Disney, the Academy Awards, the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum, the American Museum of Natural History NY, the TriBeCa Film Festival, and the National Geographic Society.